Carson in Costa Rica
Carson's Father Chick Warner DVM (Steering Committee Chairman & Public Relations Committee). 

Occupation: Veterinarian 
Professional/community affiliations: Local practicing veterinarian, Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association, Past President Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association.

What attracted you to this project? “As Carson’s father, I want to help realize his dream and the dream of other young members of this community. This would be a beautiful tribute to his life and death.” 

Carson's Mother Patricia Humphrey Warner DVM (Cookie) (Executive Director of Construction). 

Occupation: Veterinarian 
Professional/community affiliations: Local veterinarian, Member of the California Veterinary Medical Association, Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association, Past President Russian River Riders. 

What attracted you to this project? “I am Carson’s mother and have had a knowledge of a need for a skate park for some time. The death of my son stimulated me to take action.”

Cindy Bond (Steering & Volunteer Committee). 
Occupation: Homemaker 
Professional/community affiliations: PTA, HES Site Council Secretary (4 yr.), Walk for the Arts, HJH PTA Board Member, Den Leader Cub Scout Pack 21. 

What attracted you to this project? “Carson was my son Daryl’s good friend and skateboard buddy. I know the skaters and rollerbladers of Healdsburg need a local & safe place to skate." 

Why are you donating time & talents to this project? “I want to help Carson’s dream of a skate park in Healdsburg come true.”

Laura Ellen Sooy (Steering & Fund Raising Committee). 
Occupation: Registered Nurse 
Professional/community affiliations: Member San Francisco Junior League, Director of Sacred Heart Schools Annual Giving Program, Auction Curator of French-American International School, Chairman for St. John’s School Monte Carlo Night, Member of St. John’s School Board, President of Parent Guild, Member of Healdsburg Commons. 

What attracted you to this project? “As a mother and member of the community, I want a safe place for our children to skate.” 

Why are you donating time & talents to this project? “I want safety for my children and others. This is also an opportunity to help friends heal. I love people and have a gift for being able to communicate with them. I have used this skill to successfully fund raise for many worthy causes and would include this among them."

Gretchen Gretchen Glaeser (Steering & Public Relations Committee) 

Occupation: Office Manager Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital 
Professional/community affiliations: Trustee for Healdsburg Unified School District, Trustee for Healdsburg Elementary School District, Former Board Member for HELP Foundation, Chair for Foss Creek Play Field Committee, Former Member of Soroptimist International & North County Community Health Committee. 

What attracted you to this project? “I knew Carson & he was a great kid & he had a legitimate dream.” 

Why are you donating time & talents to this project? “I believe great kids like Carson can be considered “outlaws” simply because they don’t have designated places to skate. I want to be part of the solution. I think it’s time we in Healdsburg became pro active and provide a safe & appropriate place for our kids to practice their sport.”

Joe Farmer (Steering Committee) 
Occupation: Police Officer 
Professional/community affiliations: Healdsburg Police Officers Association, Healdsburg Elementary School Parent’s Club, Healdsburg School District Liaison Officer, Volunteer Healdsburg Boys and Girls Club. 

What attracted you to this project? “I want to make a safe place for kids to go and do what they want to do safely.” 

Why are you donating time & talents to this project? “Because of my ongoing commitment to safety for our kids, including my own.”

Gary W. Plass (Steering Committee Vice-Chairman). 
Occupation: Healdsburg Police Sergeant 
Professional/community affiliations: Past President of Graduation Celebration Inc. (Corporate), Vice President of the Healdsburg Police Officer’s Association, Member of the Adopt-A-Cop Program, One of the Founders of the Healdsburg Police Department Boys Scouts of America Explorer program, supporter of several Healdsburg Boy’s & Girl’s club projects. 

What attracted you to this project? “I have been aware of the need for this project for a long time. In my professional capacity I have seen first hand the dangers that can confront our skaters and rollerbladers out on the street. Out of disaster can come the catalysts and momentum to get this project done. Once you meet the people involved, you can not help but be attracted to this project.” 

Why are you donating time & talents to this project? “After talking to Chick & Cookie and others involved, there was no decision to make. Joining this project was a very natural & right thing to do.”

Heather Heather Simmons (Teen Committee)

Occupation: Student, Ursuline High School
Professional/community affiliations: Mission Trip to Tennessee (summer of '98) with Good Shepard Lutheran Church, volunteer with Healdsburg Animal Shelter, member Young Women's Lives Club at UHS, UHS Advanced Women's Choir (12th in the nation), UHS Link Crew Member, Campus Minister, Teen Spokesperson for CWMS, testified for AB1296 at California Assembly andSenate Judiciary Committees, CWMS fundraiser (Punk & Ska Show, Swing Dance, Chili in the Plaza, etc).

What attracted you to this project? "Several things attracted me. I did it most importantly for Carson. I attended St. John's school with him for about 4 years and he was my friend.  He was funny and very talented.  Also, I had not heard of a project like this before and certainly not in Healdsburg.  The CWMSP seemed to be a way for me to give my heart to something to help Carson's dream come true."

Why are you donating time & talents to this project?  "I'm donating my time & talents because I feel this is something that our community needs.  It helps me to improve my talents and meet lots of new people.  Everything I do for the skatepark is fun & very rewarding."

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