Remembering Carson
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Carson in Costa Rica

An open letter to Healdsburg and surrounding communities: 
As many of you know, our son Carson Warner was killed one day after his fourteenth birthday on June 20, 1996 in an accident involving a 4-wheel all terrain vehicle. Carson was to spend about ten days with our very good veterinary school friends in Ferndale. 

Carson will be remembered by his friends and family as a boy who cherished his friends. 

Gregarious yet sensitive with a charming wit and a trademark wry smile, Carson was not afraid to state his opinion to adults when asked but did not seek confrontation. At his Memorial service on June 25 at our home, several peers said that he was someone who would keep shared secrets. 

Carson was confident and sensitive with all animals. He loved his cats and family dog. He raised pigs for the fair and would make them respond to gentle touch. He rode horses with the Russian River Riders and in the Healdsburg parade. He was an accomplished falconer and spent many hours with his father in the practice of this sport. 

Though Carson participated in many sports, his first love was skateboarding. He spent countless hours practicing his skills. He would set goals for himself and accomplish them. He loved to spend time with his friends discussing the finer points of his sport and enjoying their companionship. 

Cookie and I and Garrett would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people of our great communities for their unwavering and astounding support of our family following Carson's death. Prayers, cards, letters, food, money, time, and love continue to be extended to us in our most difficult time. We would like to also thank our tremendous staff and all of the veterinarians of Sonoma County who kept our practice going in our absence. Carson and his hawk Ozzie

We choose not to call our son's death a tragedy. It is difficult to explain why our son was taken from us but we have to believe that there was a purpose. 

We hope to see many positive things come from his death and have already seen the beginnings in our community. 

The Carson Warner Memorial Skate Park is already in the making. This will be a place where young people like Carson can practice and legitimize their sport in an appropriate and safe atmosphere, a park that the community can be proud of that says "we care about our youth". 

The planning and building of this park will help to heal our wounds and the wounds left on our friends and community by the loss of this fine young man.... 

Chick, Cookie (Pat Humphrey) & Garrett Warner. 

In Memory of Carson Warner: Carson by a waterfall
Carson was my very dear friend. He treated me like a sister that he felt safe to tell his feelings to and he always treated me with respect. Carson was always honest with me. I trusted him completely with my secrets. His charming sense of humor constantly made me laugh. He would listen to me and offer support but never criticized me. He was always there for me when I needed some one to talk to about anything. 

Carson was a teenager who would strive until he accomplished what he wanted. He grew up so quickly in the last year it was amazing! 

As his passion for skateboarding grew and grew he knew he would be the best of the best of all skateboarders and I believed him. 

Cookie and Chick--I want you to know that it was always very clear to me how much Carson loved both of you. He was a very fortunate kid to have both of you as parents. I know he was very proud of you. I love you both so much. My heart is breaking for you. 

Carson--I will always remember your wry grin, your beautiful happy eyes and your total loving acceptance of me. You will always have a special place in your heart. I love you, Carson--Skate on!!! 


On Open Letter to the Ferndale Community:
Carson Warner died on June 20 on the river bar adjoining our dairy when the four wheeler he was riding crossed a shallow wash and flipped over. He suffered a broken neck and died instantly. We had celebrated his fourteenth birthday the day before. 

Carson was the son of Chick and Cookie Warner of Healdsburg. He is remembered as a boy with tremendous sense of adventure and imagination. He was out going, sensitive, and had a deep and abiding love for animals. Both he and his father were licensed falconers. But Carson's first love was skateboarding....Carson and his surfboard

Accidents like these always leave you wondering why. Being the responsible adult in this situation has made ours a particularly heavy burden to bear. Having something like this happen to the child of our dearest friends is agonizing. Having it happen while he was in our care is sometimes unbearable. Elaine and I will be affected by this event for the rest of our lives.

On Tuesday, June 25, 1996, a memorial service was held for Carson at the Warner home. Family, friends and community came together in a way reminiscent of Ferndale. A small, close extended family helped to plan and organize the service. Cary [my son] and I were honored to be pallbearers. Carson's father spoke of his relationship with his son, their way together. He stressed how important it is for parents to allow their children to be who they are and urged us to ponder what really matters most in our lives. He mentioned that Carson's childhood memories were now his memories of Carson. The courage and strength he and his wife showed through this difficult time was a inspiration for many. 

The Warners hope that something positive can come from their son's death. In his honor they have established a fund to create a skateboard park in Healdsburg. As a way of showing our support and sympathy I would like to encourage the people who have been touched by this event to contribute to the Carson Warner Memorial Skate Park Fund, c/o Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital, 15 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, CA 95448. 

Elaine, the boys and I would like to thank all of you for your cards, flowers, food, warm and kind words and hugs. We would also like to thank the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department for their quick response to our call and staying with us on the riverbar until nothing more could be done. Ferndale is truly a wonderful and caring community and we feel so lucky to be a part of it. 

Chuck, Elaine, Cary, Haig and Jesse Ozanian 

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