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Carson in Costa Rica
Donations To Date

The community has raised almost $250,000 which includes $97,000 from the City of Healdsburg. The majority of our funds have been from individuals donating both in memory of Carson and in support of this much needed youth park. These contributions continue to come in, gratefully. One such contribution appeared in Gaye La Baron's column in the Press Democrat where she described how a young Healdsburg man of the "skateboarding persuasion" (partially shaved head, earring, baggy pants, etc.) stepped in, unannounced, to the veterinary hospital 
where donations for the park are accepted. He proceeded to plop out 50 one hundred dollar bills for the park and with little "to do" hopped back into his custom painted Mercedes and drove off. Not every indivdual contribution has been so shocking but every last one, no matter how 
much, has been very significant and greatly appreciated. Much of our success comes from "in-kind" donations. Local businesses have donated their establishments to hold fund raisers, car washes, Burger-bashes, hundred-dollar-a-plate dinners. Thousands of dollars of supplies and 
services have been donated. Rock star Huey Lewis donated a round of golf and a lunch with him that we auctioned off at a Rotary dinner. The famous band, Primus, held a Carson Warner Memorial Concert in Petaluma and packed a huge auditorium for the cause. The entire proceeds were donated totaling over $18,000!! Volunteers have generously manned T-shirt, hot dog, and candy booths at almost every local event this year. "Chili-in-the-Plaza" was born as an annual fundraiser to provide continued support for the maintenance of the park in years to come. Our 
"Chili-in-the-Plaza," in June 1999, netted $16,000!! ).  At long last a grant for $93,000 was approved from the state of California with the help of our Assemblyperson, Virginia Strom-Martin! 

See a list of our generous monetary and in-kind donors.

Our Budget

We had estimated our money needs to be $200,000 for construction of the park. The preparation of the land was much more expensive than anticipated raising the costs considerably. The grant from the state greatly helped here. We  have a 20,000 square foot concrete skate surface. The Santa Rosa park is 15,000 sq. ft. More surface increases the safety and enjoyability of the park. We are now  landscaping the area surrounding the track that will be esthetically pleasing, provide spectator accommodation, and speak to the community of what a successful effort, in Carson's name, this memorial has been. We still have a deck to construct under the Oak tree, benches to surround the park, a donor recognition area, a memorial area for Carson, and a sign to construct.  We are counting on the continued generosity of local business people to donate services and supplies as these projects continue. 


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