Creating a Skatepark
Carson in Costa Rica
    Dear Skate Park Supporters,

    From its inception, the Carson Warner Memorial Skatepark Committee has 
    operated on faith.  Faith that the community would see the value of Carson's 
    dream, faith that our committee could successfully undertake such a project, 
    and faith that our community would support us fully. By most measures this 
    project has been wildly successful. At the time of this writing concrete is 
    being poured to construct a memorial skatepark with design and construction 
    second to none.  This park will be free to all those who want to use it.

    Supporters have been generous with not only funds but time and energy. The 
    businesses that are now involved in construction are donating great amounts 
    of supplies and labor to help our cause succeed. The skating surface alone 
    has a retail value of approximately $450K. Thanks to our donors we are paying 
    in the neighborhood of $250K 

    We are writing this letter to inform you of our latest hurdle. Due to 
    unforeseen site preparation expenses and a rise in concrete costs, the funds 
    we have on hand are not enough to pay for all the construction.  Our 
    projections show that we will fall approximately $45K short of the needed 
    cash before the park is complete. 

    Despite these projections, we continue construction with the faith that our 
    community will again generously rally to our support.  Please send your tax 
    deductible donation and help us reach our goal of opening the park this 

    With the deep gratitude of the youth in our community,

        Tax Deductible!

        Name or 

        Contact & Phone # 

        Mailing Address 

        Amount of Donation 

        Send donations to: 

        Carson Warner Memorial Skate Park
        c/o Memorial Beach Veterinary Hospital
        15 Healdsburg Ave.
        Healdsburg, Ca. 95448 

    Carson Warner Steering Committee

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